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Supporting the BALI chalk fund can be fun and rewarding, we are all aware of the challenges that the industry faces in harnessing the limited recourses of the current labour market, in supporting BALI’s GoLandscape initiative, the BALI Chalk Fund is aiming to improve the status quo by promoting the career options available to school leavers, further education candidates and career changers alike, we know what a great industry this is to be a part of, it’s time that our future staff knew it too.

Contact us to discuss Corporate Support packages and help us make the difference that is needed.

“HL Services was born in 2014 as a specialist staffing solution to the industry on the foundations of adopting family values, ensuring a great working environment is in place and identifying a succession plan for all members of the team, bettering themselves and their skill set ever evolving.

It was becoming increasingly frustrating to see the ever-increasing skills shortage, the lack of career advice, the gap between completing your qualification to finding work, the lack of funding and investment, and the support network that was in place for new recruits We felt that the BALI Chalk fund was the perfect partner to adopt as our dedicated charity, and is currently and will continue to make the positive change that is so greatly needed”.

Glenn Portnoy - HL Services


BALI Chalk Fund
Landscape Students at Capel Manor College in Enfield were excited to learn how they would benefit from the pilot of
BALI Chalk Fund
BALI’s Education Officer Stephen Ensell addressed students the Cannington Campus as part of the launch of BALI Chalk Fund’s new

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