Enrichment Programme

The BALI Chalk Fund has been a great supporter of the GoLandscape initiative since its inception and subsequent launch in 2016.

The trustees have committed significant funding to establish this bold initiative and are excited about what the future holds. The relationship was further strengthened when trustees developed a student Enrichment Programme in partnership with GoLandscape. The student enrichment programme aims to make good use of the combined skills and resources available in the UK’s land-based college network and the BALI affiliate members to provide up to date, hands-on, industry-led training for the future of the landscape industry. As well as coordinating a series of masterclasses at partner colleges, we aim to fund registration and assessment fees for certain accredited courses that are too often completed yet go unrecognised for the sake of a modest fee that both the college and the student cannot afford.

The BALI GoLandscape Enrichment programme is designed to maximise the power in every pound spent, by working closely with land-based colleges throughout the UK, the BALI Chalk Fund have been able to apply the finance at precisely the right stage in the student's development to gain maximum returns. Funding the registration and assessment for industry recognised accreditation enables the students to become the next generation of work-ready, confident, industry entrants.

The pilot phase of the GoLandscape Enrichment Programme is drawing to a close, we take a look at the pilot phase in numbers as the main event takes off!

“GoLandscape and the BALI Chalk Fund have significant overlap in our objectives and we see huge potential in GoLandscape as a vehicle for delivering our ground breaking enrichment programme in conjunction with BALI member colleges. The industry is crying out for work ready graduates and we believe that together we can deliver this to the lasting benefit of the landscape sector”

 - Peter Jennins OBE
BALI Chalk Fund Chairman


issued across all subjects throughout the pilot phase.


completing one or more industry-recognised qualification, in addition to their main course.

PA1 & PA6a

certificates awarded, at 44%, this proved to be the most popular course throughout the pilot phase.

Brushcutter courses

delivered, the benchmark entry-level into a grounds maintenance crew.


involved in the pilot phase, both Capel Manor and Bridgewater & Taunton Colleges responded to our challenge, working with our team to deliver some great results through the pilot phase

Pedestrian Mower courses

completed, most of them doubling up with the brushcutter course, creating an immensely employable graduate for the grounds maintenance sector.

Abrasive Wheel certificates

awarded, a must for staff working with paving products.

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