25 Work Ready Graduates Released to Industry

Chalk Fund Partner Capel Manor College has trained 25 students in pesticide application through The BALI Chalk Fund “Enrichment Programme” and these graduates can now start their careers in a more work-ready state than could otherwise be possible.

We all know how important it is for staff to have the correct training, and in some cases certification to recognise this, the BALI Chalk Fund enrichment programme helps this happen by funding the registration and assessment fees attached to the accreditation, ensuring finance is not a barrier for anyone. Sarah Seery of Capel Manor says “We are really grateful and delighted for BALI Chalk funds ongoing sponsorship”.

This initiative is a true partnership, with the college providing the training as part of the course curriculum, and the Chalk Fund providing the funding for external costs. Timing is the key to leveraging our contribution, by providing the funds at this exactly the right time, the students are certificated at a fraction of the cost their employer would typically have to pay later, so everyone’s a winner!

To enable us to expand our enrichment programme, we have launched the “Chalk Fund Champions” campaign, which enables individuals and businesses to help us support education and training in the landscape sector, and it couldn’t be easier to join the league of Champions!

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